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February 24th, 2012 // 8:21 pm @

Mobile MarketingThis past weekend I attended a conference in Austin to learn some of the new email marketing techniques.  As always my mind is now overloaded with new ideas that I want to implement now but I know I need to step back, take a deep breath and tackle them one at a time.  Mobile marketing is one of my first “must do’s”.

Everyday we hear about mobile marketing but do we really understand what it can do for our business?  Email marketing has always been a great way to gain new customers and sales if you do it correctly, even though the open rate is low.  Haven’t you heard the saying “the money is in the list”?   I still strongly encourage people to build a list but I have also  learned the benefits of mobile marketing.  They actually go hand in hand.  Here are just three reasons you should start a mobile campaign now.

1).  Only a small percentage (1-5%) of people will open your email and click through to your offer but 98% of the people will open your “push” marketing through your mobile app!

2)  43% of Americans between ages 24-35 earning less than $15,000/yr manage to pay for a smartphone. When you think about it, that basically means that Americans under 35 consider mobile a bare necessity.

3). More than 50% of all local web searches take place with mobile devices.

Think you don’t need a mobile app now?  Remember about 15 years ago when most people truly didn’t understand why they needed a website?  There were those few who made the investment and got a jump on the rest and then there were those who ended up playing catch up.  Which category were you in back then?  I am sure that you have learned your lesson over the past 15 years!

Everyone needs to seriously consider starting a mobile marketing campaign NOW.  I am always working on mine!

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